I am dedicated to helping you get your story out into the world. As a writer, you have a unique voice, and no one should try to take that away from you. Keeping what makes you unique as a writer is important to me. My job is not to make you sound like someone else, but to make sure that people are paying attention to the polished version of your tale. Not everyone is going to love the way you write, but I will make sure that their focus is on your story and not on errors. I am a writer as well, so I know how important your work is to you.

I am comfortable editing in many different formats, so let’s find one that works for you! I have worked with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, Google Docs, and I’m even willing to use a good old red pen if you want to send me a hard copy of your manuscript. I want our correspondence to be as smooth and pleasant as possible.

My Current Services:

  • Critique: I charge a flat fee of $150 to write up an in-depth review of your manuscript. This critique can be anywhere from 2-6 pages long, and I will go over everything that is both working well and not working in the manuscript.
  • Copy editing: (.01 per word) This consists of checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, syntax, style, and structure.
  • Developmental: (.03 per word) Includes making suggestions to any changes needed regarding every facet of your manuscript. I can do heavier research and fact checking if you need it as well. This will probably require some back and forth working, but I will not charge you twice.
    • With developmental editing, we can schedule chats up to one hour at a time for free, and you can ask me anything you’d like. We can Skype, Facebook chat, or get on the phone–whatever way works easier for you. If you work with me, expect me to be communicative and to give you a good-natured hard time until your manuscript is at its best.
  • Proofreading: (½ cent per word) Proofreading comes after the rest of the editing is done. This is the editing that should be done right before sending out your manuscript into the world or to publishers. I have read so many books with typo and grammar errors, and I would like to change this! The more polished your story, the more professional your writing comes across.

Before deciding to work together, I require that you send me the first ten pages of your manuscript for a free sample editing. Doing this will ensure that I know your work is ready for the level of editing you’re looking for, you get a taste for my editing style, and we both know we will work well together!

Upon reaching an agreement, I will need half of the payment upfront and the other half upon finishing the job.

Do you need something else or something a little more in-between? Let’s have a chat, and we can figure something out.

I take projects one at a time to ensure I pay your work the attention it deserves. Any book I edit will also be promoted on all of my social media outlets as well as on my website–at no charge to you! I know a lot of book lovers ready to eat up your story and let you know what they think!
What do you say? Shall we begin?