Hello! If you hadn’t gathered from the self-ingratiating giant words on the top of the page, my name is Candace Kuhn. I am a writer, editor, and blogger living in Western New York. I am here to make writing connections, and I’m looking to help writers put their best work out into the world.

Since I first learned to read and write, I was making up stories and telling others that they were doing it wrong–I have grown much kinder in this respect, I promise. Seeing my parents graduate young inspired me to get a college education. I graduated with a BA degree in English in the winter of 2016, and I have been on a writer’s high ever since! My days consist of working on my novel, interacting with other writers, and editing as much as I can get my hands on.


In my personal life, I lean a bit to the obsessive in all of my interests. I am an MBTI nut, mega fandom lurker, lazy-day basking, coffee fueled empath. I also have what I consider to be a genetic predisposition to chocolate addiction (THANKS DAD). At the moment, I am working from home and taking care of my three children. I chase them around with books, but they would rather be dinosaurs instead.

As for my blog, it is all about sharing (ugh, being a mother bleeds into EVERYTHING). The point is, I have always felt disconnected from people, but I have finally found my “tribe” in the writing community. My blog is about sharing that with all of you. I want to share all of the encouragement, acceptance, frustration, and support that I have experienced since I have found a place among these phenomenal people. I hope that you will find something here that appeals to you!