Literary Ink

I’m going to be short and sweet with you all today. There’s a lot of exciting things going on personally, so I’m a little pressed for time. More on that soon…

I want to enlist your help today in some advice for my next tattoo. I have six tattoos at the moment, but most of them were done in my late teens and early twenties. I think it’s been over five years since my last tattoo. One day, of course, I want to figure something out related to my children. As for now, I have something a little more specific in mind related to my passion for all things writing.

*Cue unnecessary drumroll*

I want to get an arm sleeve made of all literary quotes. The quotes I love aren’t limited to novels but come from songs and poetry as well. They’re going to be obvious, from shoulder to wrist, and etched into my skin for the rest of my life, so I have to choose carefully!



via Nate Bowes of Affliction Ink

(…this is not me…)

When people get tattoos, it is really interesting that some only get tattoos that have a particular meaning to them. Others just get ones that look the best to them. I don’t think either way is essentially the right way, though I consider my tattoos to be the “deep, meaningful type.”

I guess my problem isn’t coming up with the quotes I want; it’s narrowing them down! How am I supposed to choose between all of the awesome writers and all of the lovely words they created? I have been perusing Pinterest for a while and counting out some of the quotes that everyone seems to have tattooed on them.

This is where you guys come in.

So spill…

Tell me about your tattoos! What are your favorite literary quotes? Who wants to pay for my ink? Haha, just kidding. Kind of.


8 thoughts on “Literary Ink

    • That’s okay. I think long and hard about my tattoos though, so this is special to me. I still won’t be getting it for a long time, and I definitely waited until I found out what I was doing for a career.


  1. As someone who’s married to a tattoo artist, and is an artist herself… That is going to be a lot of work. I see a lot of folks with quotes and such on their ribs, or running down their forearm, but to have an entire sleeve of writing is going to be tough. Muscle structure and the natural curvature of your arm/body will play a big role in how nice/neat the wording will look.

    And if the tat artist isn’t a seasoned professional with a good portfolio, there’s a risk that the letters will begin to fade/bleed over the decades. I feel like an ass telling this to you, but tattoos are big decisions.

    How many tattoos do you currently have, and where?

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    • Are you kidding? This was GREAT advice. I honestly don’t plan on getting it soon, I want it to be perfect so I want to make sure I have the perfect quotes. None of my tattoos have been last-minute. I have six tattoos. Shoulders, mid-back, wrist, and hips. I absolutely understand it would be a huge undertaking. I won’t go to just anyone either. I live in a really small town, so we tend to know our artists out here!

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      • Just start small! Like something trailing off from your shoulder tattoo. And work outwards from there as you gather more quotes. I’m presuming you’re not going for flat rows of text, rather, something that’s fluid with different sized texts/fonts?

        I’m glad you’re familiar with your local tat artists though! Nothing better than having a connection with the artist who understands your style. Do tell us more if/when you get more ideas for your arm. Go with your favorite books. Something that reflects your experiences (:

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